Mercedes explained why against a reverse start

Mercedes explained why against a reverse start

June 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Christian Horner said that Toto Wolff opposed the race with a reversible starting grid instead of the second qualification during the double stages. The head of the Mercedes team at a meeting with the press explained why he did not like this idea.

“It seems that in Formula 1 there is a general pattern,” says Toto Wolff. “We are digging out old ideas that were previously carefully analyzed and rejected, but then someone decides that this is a great proposal, and it will again be on the agenda.”

Mercedes has three fundamental reasons to abandon a race with a reverse start. Firstly, I consider Formula 1 a meritocracy – the best racer behind the wheel of the best car wins. We do not need a trick that will allow us to turn upside down the starting grid for more exciting races.

Secondly, even as an example of body racing, I realized that the strategy becomes even more decisive when the result of one race forms the starting grid of the next.

Imagine that one of the riders did not start the Sunday race very well on the first weekend in Spielberg. The team decides to remove him from the race, and thanks to this he starts from the pole in the Saturday qualification race. And if he starts from the pole surrounded by other teams of the middle group, he will save the pole on Sunday and win the race.

In addition, in the middle of the peloton there will be cars that try to defend themselves and block faster cars as long as possible. This increases the risk of gatherings that can affect the situation in the championship.

In addition, if we talk about pure speed, then the driver in the fastest car, not necessarily ours, will be at a disadvantage, being stuck behind the second or third speed car simply because they start ahead. And since the breaks are not so large, providing an advantage to some teams can be considered some manifestations of opportunism.

That is why we said that now is not the time to experiment with things that are not even popular with Formula 1 fans. Only 15% of Formula 1 fans surveyed showed interest in the reversible starting grid. ”