Mercedes EQV electric minivan was spotted on public roads

Mercedes EQV electric minivan was spotted on public roads

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German concern is actively developing its future line of electric cars. In addition to crossovers, compact cars and classic models, Daimler is preparing to exit the minivan, demonstrated in March 2019 as a concept.

A conceptual prototype of the Mercedes EQV was also demonstrated at the Geneva Motor Show. At the same time, the company promised to show the production version of the electric minivan at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. But now, marketers have decided to remind about the future new product, bringing a conceptual version to the roads of Barcelona, ​​where another international auto show is taking place.

According to the company itself, the future minivan with a fully electric power plant will make a real revolution in the MPV segment. The model will affect completely different target audiences due to flexible pricing and different equipment. Buyers of EQV ​​will be families, carriers, small entrepreneurs and large corporations.

Nevertheless, the model will remain the representative of the V-Class with classic luxury and technological equipment. As a power unit will be used for 204 motor power and a battery capable of providing up to 400 km of run.

Unfortunately, the cost of future innovations, as well as the start date of the implementation, is not reported.