Mercedes designer spoke about the current positioning of the company

Mercedes designer spoke about the current positioning of the company

July 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

During his interview, the chief designer of the German concern Daimler and its premium company Mercedes-Benz spoke about how he sees the current status of the automaker.

Daimler is in the midst of an interesting redesign of its business. “The concern is about to restructure its business, which includes deeper relationships with other manufacturers, rethinking the very existence of the Smart brand and completing the process of transforming the premium brand Mercedes-Benz into something more than just a car manufacturer” – this is what the lead designer of Daimler said in his recent interview. He believes the German premium brand is already more of a lifestyle brand than a conventional automaker.

Daimler and Mercedes chief designer Gorden Wagener elaborated on Mercedes’ transformation into a luxury lifestyle brand with a wide range of vehicles ranging from small electric city models to Maybach limousines.

“I don’t see us as a car company more, rather as a lifestyle and luxury brand, as our work goes far beyond creating conventional vehicles,” said Mr. Wagener when asked to define the current status of the company in which it works. “We are already included in the list of the most influential lifestyle brands and our vision for the next ten years is to make Mercedes the most sought-after luxury brand. We know we have the potential to do this. Our task is to give our cars a design that will evoke many emotions in people. This is not only related to the products, but to the ecosystem around them. “

Returning to the automotive aspect of the Mercedes brand, Wagener assured that the company’s electric concept cars are as close to their production form as possible. Of course, don’t expect to see anything similar to the Vision AVTR concept (pictured here), but “Vision cars are about 80 percent reality, so you will see most of what is on concept cars in our production EQ family.” …

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