Mercedes delays start of sales of electric crossover EQC

Mercedes delays start of sales of electric crossover EQC

December 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the official press release of the German brand, the start of sales of the compact crossover Mercedes-Benz EQC, equipped with an electric motor, will be postponed for about a year. Tesla and its electric cars are to blame.

Tesla’s dominant position in the US automobile market continued to grow this year, despite the company’s aging model lineup and the emergence of several direct competitors from well-known brands that also use only electric power units for their cars. The German Audi and the British Jaguar have already presented their environmentally friendly vehicles, but still they still can not afford to lure fans of Tesla delirium in particular because of the more expensive price that their electric cars have.

 In particular, because of this, another prestigious German automobile brand, Mercedes-Benz, will postpone the start of sales of its electric crossover EQC in the United States, according to a recent statement by Automotive News.

According to representatives of the luxury automaker, they will not begin selling their models while buyers still want to buy Tesla cars.

 Mercedes EQC is the first all-electric car of the brand, the first of 10 full-fledged electric cars Mercedes, which should be presented before 2022. This is a luxurious compact crossover, on which the brand leadership puts a very, very much.

It was expected that the EQC will appear in the showrooms of the company’s official dealers in the United States by 2020, but now it is obvious that American customers who would like to carefully study the new EQC will have to wait until 2021. At the moment, the electric crossover is selling well in Europe.

 The crossover battery EQC can provide the necessary amount of energy to cover 451 km. For comparison, the Tesla Model X crossover performed by 100D boasts a mark of 523 km.