Mercedes completes production of current generation S-Class

Mercedes completes production of current generation S-Class

March 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It is reported that already in August this year, the German brand plans to stop mass production of the flagship S-Class convertible.

It’s no secret that car manufacturers around the world are starting to either reduce their lineups, focusing on creating those models that are in high demand (now it’s crossovers) or freeing up space for completely new models that will receive the most advanced technologies. Of course, there are also cars that are updated and, accordingly, have been produced for many years – this is the model of the flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan.

 According to foreign specialized publications that cite their trusted sources at Mercedes-Benz itself, the brand management plans to leave the opportunity to order the S-Class coupe and convertible model until May of this year.

And by August, their production will be completed. Both of these versions of the flagship sedan received updates in 2017, so they cannot be called morally obsolete; but they are based on the sixth generation S-Class, which has been on the market for about seven years. In the near future we will be presented with a completely new version of this iconic model.

 In addition, the German automaker is working on an electrical analogue of the flagship S-Class, which will receive the designation EQS. It is assumed that this new product will be able to offer customers more comfort and technology than in the ordinary S-Class, it will be the most luxurious electric car of the company, which will go on sale in the 2021 model year. EQS is built on a completely new platform and is equipped with a pair of electric motors, with an unconfirmed power of about 500 hp and four-wheel drive. Cruising range will be about 482.8 km.