Mercedes completely abandons manual transmissions

Mercedes completely abandons manual transmissions

October 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German brand will no longer equip its models with manual transmissions. In addition, some internal combustion engines will also be phased out. This decision is driven by the premium automaker’s desire to save as much money and investment as possible in the development of electric vehicles.

Mercedes has decided to accelerate its plan to electrify its lineup, planning to launch powerful models from AMG and luxury versions of cars from Maybach in an all-electric version, not to mention an all-electric version of the G-class SUV. It takes more than a large budget to invest heavily in sustainable development, which is why Mercedes is cutting costs where it makes the most sense.

The brand’s models will no longer be available with a manual transmission, although that didn’t come as a big surprise.

It won’t happen overnight, but Mercedes’ R&D chief Markus Schaeffer said “the three-pointed star will no longer offer manual transmissions in its vehicles.”

Work is currently underway on additional cost-cutting measures as Mercedes will drastically reduce the number of conventional powertrains on offer. The Daimler brand says “investment in combustion engine development will decline rapidly” as part of a broader plan to reduce the number of ICE variants by a whopping 70 percent by the end of the decade. Diesel engines are likely to disappear the fastest, given the stricter emission standards in Europe.

In addition, it became known that more and more models of the automaker will have the same architecture to further save money through a wider distribution of development costs.