Mercedes closes Smart car factory

Mercedes closes Smart car factory

July 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This is an enterprise located in France. This decision was made as part of a strategy for redistributing production capacities.

Mercedes-Benz has decided to sell its Smart compact car factory. This has become part of a new strategy to reduce costs and redistribute production capacity. It is expected that the released funds will be directed to the development of brand electric cars. Another reason was the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, which led to a decrease in consumer demand.

At the same time, the current lineup will continue to be produced at the enterprise in Hamburg. However, at the moment it is not known how long this will take. Previously, Mercedes-Benz representatives announced their intention to convert the Smart factory in France into an enterprise for the production of a new electric model of the EQ series.

However, in connection with the sale of the plant, production can be transferred to one of three plants – in Bremen, Rastatt or Sindelfingen.