Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup does not bring Daimler AG profits

Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup does not bring Daimler AG profits

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last week, we reported that Mercedes-Benz doesn’t really want to extend cooperation with Nissan with respect to the X-Class W470 pickup, which is based on the Nissan Navara D23 chassis. Today, new information has appeared on this issue.

According to the Australian portal CarAdvice, the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Nissan on this project can be completely terminated. This does not mean that the Germans are abandoning this model, but weak sales in Australia and some other markets are forcing the management of the German brand to reconsider their attitude to the X-Class, since it allegedly brings Mercedes-Benz losses.

In addition, the image of Mercedes-Benz is negatively affected by the scandal with the arrested Carlos Ghosn, since it was with him in 2009 that Dieter Zetsche concluded the deal on this project – the chairman of the board of Daimler AG and the head of Mercedes-Benz.

In May of this year, Dieter Zetsche will replace Ola Cullenius at his post. According to him, the performance of the cooperation of Mercedes-Benz and Nissan are in the “red zone”, and before it will be the goal to end the partnership, without causing harm to either of the two brands.

According to preliminary data, Nissan will continue to manufacture the Mercedes-Benz X-Class at its Spanish factory until the completion of the current generation’s production cycle, which means that the German pickup will remain in service for at least another four years. However, the future of X-Class has not yet been determined: Mercedes-Benz can develop a car based on its own platform, find a new partner, and may even eliminate this model, although this step is fraught with image losses.

The alliance of automakers in the segment of pickups – a thing quite ordinary. From 2021-2022 Ford and Volkswagen will be producing the Ranger and Amarok models on the same platform, a similar deal has been concluded between Isuzu and Mazda.