Mercedes-Benz X-Class can get a turbo V8 4.0-liter engine

Mercedes-Benz X-Class can get a turbo V8 4.0-liter engine

June 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the moment, in the engine line of the only pickup, from the German concern Daimler, the most powerful engine is a three-liter turbodiesel with a power of up to 255 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque.

At the moment it became known that the company Mercedes-Benz is considering the possibility to expand the engine line of the pickup Mercedes-Benz X-Class. The most likely candidate can be a four-liter V8 engine with two turbines.

However, the new engine does not mean that the German concern changed its mind about the full-fledged AMG version. In all likelihood, a powerful engine will be deformed, as it happened with a similar version of the Mercedes-Benz S560. New information about a possible V8 engine became available after communication of foreign journalists with a representative of the Australian division of the company, after the local launch of the V6 engine.

He noted that Mercedes has all the technical capabilities to add a pickup capacity, equipping it with a new engine. Nevertheless, this will be done only if there is enough demand to make the model possible for batch production:

“If after launching a car with a V6 engine, the company’s customers want to see in the V8 engine line, then probably we will deliver it, but it depends solely on customers.”

And this information contradicts the words of the head of the company, which he said a year ago during the local launch of the model in South Africa – “I think that the model is not suitable for V8.” – he said then.

At the moment, the choice is offered three options for configuration, 4- and 6-cylinder engines, rear-wheel drive and connectable or permanent all-wheel drive, 6-speed manual gearbox and 7-speed automatic transmission. In addition, there are six options for seat upholstery, three decorative elements of the instrument panel and a variety of accessories developed by Mercedes-Benz, which makes it possible to individualize the X-Class like no other pickup – both visually and functionally.

Meanwhile, the first video of the new generation GLE Coupe appeared on the Internet, it cuts through the streets of Germany in dense camouflage. It is obvious that the manufacturer is conducting final testing before the premiere