Mercedes-Benz will teach selfdriving cars to communicate with people

Mercedes-Benz will teach selfdriving cars to communicate with people

November 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Mercedes-Benz introduced a prototype of the light display system for UAVs, which in the future will allow cars to “communicate” with pedestrians and other road users. It consists of a set of luminous stripes of turquoise color, signaling the intentions of the car and its maneuvers.

Autonomous control will become an integral part of the future, according to Daimler. Therefore, it is very important to create a relationship of trust between the man and the drone. “People need to quickly and with due confidence to determine what the drone will do,” – says Daimler staff futurist Alexander Mankovsky. “The car must show its intentions so that they can be understood at the level of intuition.”

The 360-degree display system installed on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class uses light strips to communicate with pedestrians and drivers. Those that are located on the windshield, grille, headlamps, side mirrors and lower sections of glasses are used to notify the vehicle when it is offline. The block on the roof informs about the following actions of the drone. So, slow flash indicates that the car slows down. In addition, lighting on the roof “tracks” the movement of pedestrians, reporting that the drone sees them.

The UAV notifies of the start of movement with a corresponding light indication, folding the mirrors, raising the front and then the rear of the body. According to the plan of engineers, these movements should resemble a living creature that wakes and stretches.

Work in the field of contact of UAVs with people also leads Jaguar Land Rover. In August, the company introduced an experimental autonomous capsule, equipped with virtual eyes, which are designed to mimic the visual contact between the pedestrian and the driver.