Mercedes-Benz will be able to repair cars remotely

Mercedes-Benz will be able to repair cars remotely

September 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The technology of augmented reality glasses will help the company’s specialists in this.

Soon, there is no need to go to the dealer to quickly deal with the malfunction of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The personal presence of engineers will be replaced by less skilled workers who will come to the car and, using Hololens 2 augmented reality glasses, will inspect and repair the car.

The new Mercedes-Benz Virtual Remote Support system works quite simply: in real time, an expert remotely gives advice on what to pay attention to when diagnosing, and if something is not clear, using a special device, he will “draw” arrows or a diagram on the diagnosed car …

The system is reported to have been in the process of testing for over two years in the United States and is now ready to begin rolling out to the Mercedes-Benz USA dealer network. The new technology is expected to enable the company to increase workshop throughput, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.