Mercedes-Benz wants to integrate video games in cars and buses

Mercedes-Benz wants to integrate video games in cars and buses

March 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company takes another step towards the fact that the car becomes not just a means of transportation, but a resting place.

The gradual introduction of autonomous vehicle control systems entails changes in the perception of vehicles. With their appearance, new opportunities are opening up for passengers, all the more so when traveling, one must somehow pass the time that was previously spent on driving. One of the options is computer games, entertaining and educational.

Inspired by the emerging prospects, Daimler announced a contest for car-to-play game ideas – the In-Car-Gaming Challenge. The best ideas have all chances to become the first autogame.

The plot can be anything, like the number of people participating in them. The opportunity to play on the network with passengers of other cars is also welcomed. In short, there are no restrictions and age limits. Games can even use technologies of additional reality, and their basis is the landscape outside the car window.

Also, the games can be associated with the controls of the car, as was done in SuperTuxKart, presented at the Mercedes-Benz CLA as part of the Mobile World Congress. The control of a computer car in this game is carried out by a wheel and pedals of a real car. This integration has already received a special name – Immersive gaming. In this game, you could use other systems of the car: chairs with electric drives – to simulate acceleration and braking, and the climate system – to create a headwind.

Conventionally, all such future games in the company were divided into three segments: for cars, buses and gadgets, where they, in fact, will become ordinary mobile applications. We described the first segment, and the third one is clear, but the second segment is designed for bus passengers, for whom the usual trip so far can become a journey to another world, the virtual reality of which merges with the real world. Since the time of the bus traveling along a certain route is easily calculated, the programs can be adapted to this parameter and the person will not pass his stop. Theoretically, nothing prevents bus passengers from forming a team and competing with teams of other buses or cars.

The prizes for the winners of the In-Car-Gaming Challenge contest will be tickets to cyber-sport tournaments of the ESL (Electronic Sports League) league, as well as cash prizes. Ideas within the In-Car-Gaming Challenge are accepted from March 22 to May 16, 2019, and should be sent to the eponymous website.