Mercedes-Benz spoke about the factory of the future

Mercedes-Benz spoke about the factory of the future

November 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Factory 56 will be permanently connected to the network and lose its traditional pipeline.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled details about one of the most advanced production sites in the world – Factory 56. The complex, which will become completely CO2-neutral by 2022, will be equipped with a photovoltaic power supply system, an autonomous transport line and connecting component suppliers, production departments and end customers.

The area of ​​Factory 56 is 220 thousand square meters, which is equivalent to 30 football fields. The first stone in the new plant was laid in February 2018, and the launch of the assembly line is scheduled for the beginning of the next decade. The next generation S-Class, models of the electric sub-brand EQ and, in perspective, autonomous vehicles will be released at the Factory 56.

On the roof of the complex is mounted photovoltaic power supply system, and 40 percent of its area is planted with plants. This helps to make the building more energy efficient and create a favorable microclimate in the premises.

The main feature of the new plant Mercedes-Benz – the lack of a traditional conveyor. Its function is performed by the so-called TecLines – autonomous transport platforms, which allow the car to remain in one place most of the time, rather than move along the assembly line. In addition, this approach allows to increase the number of assembly lines without the need to rebuild the building.

Almost all operations at the Factory 56 are automated, and the site is fully transferred to paperless workflow. To supply the necessary components to the assembly lines, carts connected to an intelligent shipping system are used. It collects data on the functioning of the entire enterprise and supplies the necessary materials to the appropriate zones. A total of 300 autonomous transport systems will operate at Factory 56.

It should be noted that even tools will be connected to the general network. For example, the keys will automatically set the right time to tighten individual bolts.