Mercedes-Benz spoke about the eSprinter truck

Mercedes-Benz spoke about the eSprinter truck

December 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company reveals the technical characteristics of the electric freight Mercedes-Benz eSprinter.

So, it will come with an eSprinter with two battery options: 41 kW / h and 55 kW / h. The maximum range is 168 km, while the carrying capacity reaches 891 kg. The minimum range is 115 km, but the payload in this case increases to 1045 kg. Inside there is a space of 10.5 cubic meters for the placement of goods.

The electrical system will provide 114 hp. (85 kW). The torque is 295 Nm. The van comes with front-wheel drive. Three options are proposed for limiting the maximum speed (at the discretion of the operators of a commercial vehicle fleet) – 80 km / h, 100 km / h and 120 km / h.

There is a braking system with four levels of energy recovery. Several driving modes increase energy efficiency.