Mercedes-Benz recreated the first ever trip by car

Mercedes-Benz recreated the first ever trip by car

August 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In 1888 it was performed by Berta Benz

Concern Daimler recreated in video a key moment in the history of the automotive and Mercedes-Benz brands: Bertha Benz’s trip – the first driver in history – on the Model 3. The journey began on August 5, 1888, along the Mannheim-Pforzheim route. Its length was 106 kilometers.

During the trip, which Berta did without her husband’s knowledge – Karl Benz – she replaced wooden brakes with leather, used a hairpin to clean the fuel system, and as an isolation – a garter. Upon her return home, the necessary changes were made to the car’s design, which prevented similar breakdowns in the future.

Bertha Benz’s trip became decisive for the company and helped improve the design parameters of the car. So, the transmission received an additional gear to overcome the rises, and the braking system became more effective due to special overlays – the prototype brake pads.

Earlier, Mercedes put on sale a replica of the first car in the world, which exactly repeats the car, which Gottlieb Daimler received a patent in 1886.