Mercedes-Benz pickup received farewell special versions

Mercedes-Benz pickup received farewell special versions

February 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Work on this project was carried out by tuners from the Polish studio Carlex Design. They immediately created two special versions under the names Off-Road Final Edition and Extreme Final Edition.

The pickup truck Mercedes-Benz has two brutal special versions from Polish tuners. They added this practical premium pickup truck and “pumped” its off-road qualities. From each other, special modifications differ in individual design elements. Carlex Design studio dedicated special styling packages to the end of production of this model, hence the name – X-Class Final Edition. Recall that the brand decided to stop pickup production due to its low sales. This will happen in May of this year.

After the upgrade, the pickup truck boasts recycled bumpers, an elevated suspension, giant off-road tires with graphite wheels, underbody protection, stylish bonnet covers, an additional “chandelier” on the roof, etc.

 The Off-Road version differs from Extreme in some details: body color, interior color – red or black leather, rear wing design. Also, new products rely on carbon fiber decor on the panel, special pedals and sills and much more. There are no technical characteristics of special versions. Perhaps special pickups are based on the most equipped X 350 d configuration with a 258-horsepower V6 turbodiesel for three liters.

 Tuners are also in no hurry to disclose price lists for new products. Judging by the past projects of Polish masters, the “farewell” special versions of the Mercedes-Benz pickup will definitely not be budget ones.

Meanwhile, Nikola showed the Badger electric pickup with an impressive range. The concept car can travel 960 kilometers.