Mercedes-Benz made a stroller for babies

Mercedes-Benz made a stroller for babies

October 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Mercedes-Benz decided to attract young fans with the help of baby carriages Avantgard

The sense of style and habit of driving with comfort will be imparted to babies by the famous automaker from Stuttgart with the help of the new baby carriage, the Mercedes-Benz Avantgarde from Hartan.

Strollers are ergonomic, functional and safe. They are made of modern materials, equipped with pneumatic wheels with 5-spoke wheels in the spirit of AMG, as well as adjustable suspension. The company Hartan from Göstungshausen in Franconia (Germany), which has been producing baby carriages since the 1950s, is engaged in the release of a new stroller.

The weight of the Mercedes-Benz Avantgarde stroller is only 13 kg: 8.9 kg weighs a folding frame and 4.1 kg – a convertible GTX cradle with the Mercedes-Benz logo on a noiselessly foldable visor.

The stroller is equipped with a height-adjustable footrest and soft seat belts that protect the child from falling out. The seat block can be easily turned with your face or back to the direction of travel, and quickly removed from the frame. In addition to the stroller comes a whole set of accessories. This is a warm foot clutch, headrest and wind protection, as well as a parasol, a Mercedes-Benz-style bag, an organizer for storing a wallet, keys and a mobile phone and a raincoat.

The Mercedes-Benz Avantgarde stroller will be available in several versions. DESSIN Sport combines black, gray and silver colors, as well as red stripes on the handles and visor stroller. The Dolce Vita version is a combination of beige, sand and brown shades, and DESSIN Deep Sea is a combination of anthracite gray and pale blue.

The Mercedes-Benz Avantgarde baby stroller will be available in November 2018.