Mercedes-Benz is arguing about creating a Maybach cross-sedan

Mercedes-Benz is arguing about creating a Maybach cross-sedan

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After much thought about the possibility of the Maybach off-road sedan, part of the leadership of Mercedes-Benz decided – why not?

Concept Maybach Ultimate Luxury can become a production model. Recall that this crossover in a rather strange body was presented about a year ago at the Beijing Auto Show, and the GLS of the previous generation was the basis for this 738-horsepower all-wheel-drive electric concept.

Andreas Siegan, director of SUV development at Mercedes — Benz, told Auto Express that currently there is a “very heated discussion” about whether there is a business case for an off-road sedan, which is Maybach Ultimate Luxury.

Recall that in the lenses of the paparazzi more than once came across a new GLS with Maybach radiator grille. Moreover, it was previously reported that the model has already been approved for production at the plant in Alabama (USA).

During an interview devoted to the release of the new generation of GLS, Zigan excluded the possibility of the appearance of the electric version of the car, stating that its platform does not provide for the placement of batteries and electric motors, and the demand for such a version will be too small to justify the cost of its creation.