Mercedes-Benz introduced the final teaser for the new GLB crossover

Mercedes-Benz introduced the final teaser for the new GLB crossover

June 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German novelty, which will be positioned as a 7-seater crossover 2020 model year, will be officially shown in a couple of hours.

From the presentation of the concept to how we finally show the serial version of the new crossover, it took about two months. Of course, the road model was ready long before the concept GLB debuted in Shanghai, but we ask ourselves what Mercedes needed to introduce this car.

 In any case, the third and last teaser of the GLB 2020 model year-ready crossover model was published on social networks a couple of minutes ago, and only a few hours left until we were shown a novelty.

The 15-second clip shows two GLB crossovers on the scenic route, and for some reason, the footage is also reflected and flipped in the lower half of the screen. We can also catch a glimpse of the interior of the novelty, where the design of the vents should be familiar to those who followed the latest compact models of Mercedes. This orange line is similar to the one that was in the concept, and then at 0:09 we can see what looks like lining on the exhaust system partlets.

It is noteworthy that the seven-seater Mercedes-Benz GLB will not have a rival in the luxury car segment. As its name implies, the model will be located between the GLA and GLC crossovers in the extensive Mercedes lineup and will try to serve as a tempting alternative to minivans thanks to the third row.

Almost all of its components and assemblies, the German novelty will receive from other compact models of the brand. It will be more compact than the same G, and this flat roofline should provide plenty of space for passengers.