Mercedes-Benz has updated the G-Class SUV for Europe

Mercedes-Benz has updated the G-Class SUV for Europe

July 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German carmaker Mercedes-Benz has slightly updated the G-Class model for the European market.

First of all, the diesel variant of the G400d SUV is now offered in all available trim levels and with all model-specific specifications. Prior to that, it was limited to only some variations, but everything will change from September 1 this year. It should be noted that the 6-cylinder diesel engine develops 330 hp. (700 Nm).

In addition, the SUV has acquired a new driving mode – Desert. It is activated by the Dynamic Select switch. The new drive mode improves traction on sandy terrain through variable ESP and throttle control. From now on, the G-Class, in particular, is equipped by default with a digital cockpit, as well as a frameless interior rear-view mirror, which was previously part of the Leather Package.

In addition, the Night Package can now be ordered for the SUV, while already without the AMG Line and Stainless Steel Package. Another innovation is the 20-inch wheels, which can be painted black or gray.

In turn, the G-Class’s color gamut has expanded with shades of gray, green and blue, which are inspired by iconic colors from the model’s past. At the same time, additional visual customizations are offered in the G Manufaktur kit.

In addition, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class G 500 Cabriolet from Mansory was recently put up for sale. You will have to pay 455,900 euros for a 2012 car