Mercedes-Benz has shown off-road capabilities of the new G-Class

Mercedes-Benz has shown off-road capabilities of the new G-Class

January 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation of German full-size SUV can be called a rather luxurious car. And despite this, the car, as before demonstrates excellent opportunities on the roads. In their recent video, the guys from Mercedes-Benz showed what their new G-Class is capable of.

The latest generation of German SUV G-Class claims to be the most luxurious version of the model, but this does not mean that the legendary off-road capabilities of this car, for which he was loved all over the world, are no longer a priority for designers.

Not at all, not so long ago, the press service of the German brand has published a video that demonstrates how the brand new Mercedes-Benz G-Class sneaks through a water barrier.

It is noteworthy that the guys from the German company do not just show how a car is storming an impassable obstacle for many, but also give three tips on how best to do it on an SUV that costs $ 120,000.

 First, you should know, at least approximately, the depth of the water you are going to enter. Engineers Mercedes-Benz increased ground clearance to 70 centimeters – so you have stock.

 To enter the water must be done very slowly. The maximum speed should not exceed 10 km / h. You do not have to stop, because the waves can “catch” the car from behind. Finally, after overcoming the water hazard, do not forget to dry the brake pads.

 By following these simple tips, you can storm almost any water hazard on the new generation of your Mercedes G-Class. “Just do not sit in the salon with dirty shoes, so as not to stain the amazing salon” – this is the final advice given by the guys from the German brand.

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