Mercedes-Benz has already started tests of the new GLE Coupe

Mercedes-Benz has already started tests of the new GLE Coupe

June 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the immediate plans of the German manufacturer the generation change is in the usual crossover, but, as we see, the renewal of the coupe-like version is also not far off.

The first video with a test prototype of the new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe appeared on the web. The body of the car, filmed during road tests on German roads, hides a relatively thin layer of camouflage, which may indicate the final stage of tests.

Overall, the new GLE Coupe retained the silhouette of its predecessor, although the updated crossover is expected to be slightly larger than its predecessor and will receive an enlarged wheelbase to make the interior more spacious.

The debut of Mercedes-Benz GLE next generation should take place before the end of this year, most likely, GLE Coupe will be presented already in 2019. The design of the coupe is likely to be similar to the usual GLE, except for the rear part with a sloping roof.

The interior of two GLE, too, probably will be executed the same way. Earlier was published a spy video, showing the salon of the new GLE in the brand-new style with a large glass panel, under which the “cleaning” and the display of the infotainment system are combined.

Let’s note that if in 2016 10 803 crosses of Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe were sold, in 2017 there are 8 661 units, so the model update will be timely. For comparison, the sales volume of the BMW X6 in these periods was 12,596 and 10,492 vehicles, respectively.

We recently published an espionage video from the Mercedes-Benz GLE, with camouflage on the body of the test prototype virtually non-existent.