Mercedes-Benz G-Class showed in the back of a pickup truck

Mercedes-Benz G-Class showed in the back of a pickup truck

May 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An independent artist presented what a new German-made pickup truck might look like.

The production of the Mercedes X-Class pickup will end at the end of this so that the company can cut costs. Despite the fact that this is a niche product, the economic crisis is making adjustments. However, Mercedes could release something more impudent, for example, a pickup based on the G-Class.

The render of the model was published on the page on the social network Instagram. In the image, the model looks pretty good. The pickup truck received a lowered suspension, retained the front of the crossover and a classic vertical windshield. The rear of the crossover was replaced with a cargo platform with sides, while the spare wheel sits on the cab. Surprisingly, the rear ones were also fully preserved. They are set low near the bumper, although they look a bit different than usual.

The rear also shows that it is an AMG G63 with shiny exhaust pipes. Probably, the pickup has a twin-cylinder V8 turbocharged with a capacity of 577 horsepower under the hood.

The lack of a second row of seats in favor of the loading platform, of course, affects the functionality, but this gives the pickup truck its own personality and its own special character. Despite its interesting project, it is unlikely that Mercedes will return to the pickup market in the near future.