Mercedes-Benz EQE again noticed on tests

Mercedes-Benz EQE again noticed on tests

March 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rumors of a Mercedes EQE have been circulating on the Internet for almost a year, but only a week ago a prototype was discovered outdoors.

The car may look very similar to the EQS, but those who really saw the car in metal report that the prototype was smaller than the future flagship electric car Mercedes. Some will be tempted to say that the company will sell versions of the EQS with standard and long wheelbase.

The third brake light is located at the bottom of the rear window, and not at the top of the window on the EQS. In addition, it seems that the EQE has the usual trunk lid, while its older brother seems to have a more practical configuration.

The front of the prototype looks rather strange, but this is because additional masking is applied to the top. Like the taillights, the headlights are likely to be placeholders, which will be replaced by actual groups as soon as Mercedes starts testing cars of almost mass production.

Codenamed V295, the EQE will be an all-electric sedan, a zero-emission car in the size of the recently updated E-Class sedan, but with a completely different design and platform entirely designed for electric vehicles.

It is assumed that the car will have more power and range than the EQC, as soon as it appears in 2022, when it joins other electric models that carry a three-pointed star – the EQA and EQB crossovers along with the EQV minivan.