Mercedes-Benz EQB electric SUV station wagon will appear in 2020

Mercedes-Benz EQB electric SUV station wagon will appear in 2020

December 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The first photos of the test prototype appeared in the network, now using a slightly modified serial body from the current version of the B-Class. There are few details now, but it is known that the model will not become a EQC co-platform.

Around 2020, the new version of the B-Class will be released to the market, to be more precise, its parallel line with a fully electric power plant. If earlier this was known at the level of rumors, now the first confirmations have appeared in the form of photographs of the first test prototypes. Now EQB is a redesigned shell of the B-class with a raised body, extended arches and, of course, a completely different power plant. Masking is not here, because the final version of the model will look different.

According to preliminary information, the serial version of the EQB will be based on the new electric platform EVA II, which will also be used on the future Mercedes-Benz EQA hatchback. A feature of the model will be a wide range of modifications of electrical installations with a capacity of up to 204, 272 and 340 hp. In addition, it will be presented and two battery capacity of 60 and 110 kW * hours.

In the design, the model will differ both from the general line of Mercedes, and from the B-Class in particular. At the moment there are no details, so it’s too early to talk about design and cost, but experts suggest a price tag of 50,000 euros.