Mercedes-Benz EQB begins testing in Germany

Mercedes-Benz EQB begins testing in Germany

September 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Like most German luxury automakers, Mercedes-Benz is betting on a sudden decline in demand for internal combustion engines.

The company has already launched EQC on the market and is currently at an advanced stage of EQS development. But photo spies, in all likelihood, came across an EQB model that will be smaller and more affordable than the other two. But even if the EQB looks like the GLB class, which was converted to work on electric traction, it is not yet clear what is really ahead of us.

Some time ago, a B-class, similar to a small minivan, was also seen in battery testing. Right now, electric car sales for Mercedes are pretty small, and the manufacturer just works with what it has, so the EQC doesn’t look as individual as the Tesla. This EQB is just an early test car that may appear before 2021.

Engineers have already made some preliminary changes to the GLB package. On the front we see new headlights being tested, and on the back there are temporary taillights. It is not yet clear whether the EQB will receive a new bespoke body or Mercedes-Benz simply adapts some of the features of a standard crossover.