Mercedes-Benz could be fined $ 4.4 billion due to fraud

Mercedes-Benz could be fined $ 4.4 billion due to fraud

June 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Concern Daimler while refuses to give any comments concerning suspicions of company Mercedes in frauds with indications of ecological compatibility on the cars. And the trial continues because of the Vito models with 1.6-liter diesels.

After the manufacturer announced a voluntary recall of the Mercedes-Vito models with diesel engines of 1.6 liters, the German Federal Motor Road Administration suspected him of diesel machinations. It is now reported that KBA has detected at least five devices in Daimler engines.

This was reported by the newspapers Bild am Sonntag referring to the official representatives of the department. The report states that during the KBA investigation five “illegal devices” were found in Euro-6 diesel engines, which were installed by approximately 1 million vehicles. Representatives of Daimler refuse to comment on the released report.

“We fully cooperate and cooperate absolutely openly with KBA, as well as with the Federal Ministry of Transport.” – Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, will today meet with the German Transport Minister Andreas Schoyer to discuss the problem and ways to solve it.

KBA believes that diesel engines Daimler Euro 6 at the moment significantly exceed the current environmental standards. To deceive the testing systems, special devices and software were used.

Currently, Mercedes-Benz recalls 1.6-liter diesel versions of the Vito in Germany. As part of the forced recall, a reconfiguration of the software that regulates the amount of emissions into the atmosphere will be carried out. Nevertheless, the concern is going to appeal against the KBA decision, since it considers it unfair to classify this software as illegal.

In addition, in case of recognition of guilt, the concern will have to pay a huge fine, now set at $ 5,835 per car (currently about 750,000 cars are suspected).

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz A-Class caused a storm of emotions among fans of the German brand. The car turned out stylish, and the cheapest in the model line. However, the forthcoming CLA 2020 model year can eclipse it.