Mercedes-Benz completed the winter tests of the Sprinter electric van

Mercedes-Benz completed the winter tests of the Sprinter electric van

March 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Road tests were held in the city Arjeplog in northern Sweden. This place is known for its low temperatures in the winter season.

The electric modification of the popular German van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter successfully passed all the planned winter tests. About the end of this stage it became known the other day. As a “training base”, the automaker chose the Swedish city of Arjeplog, where thermometers fall to “minus” in 30 degrees in winter, and the roads are often hidden under a layer of ice and snow. Such “extreme” climatic conditions did not prevent the developers to ensure uninterrupted operation of the electrical power plant.

According to the calculations of Mercedes-Benz engineers, the eSprinter, equipped with a 55 kWh battery, will be able to drive about 150 kilometers on a single charge, and the cruising range drops to a hundred in extreme cold.

 The electric van can also be equipped with 41 kWh — in this case, the cruising range is reduced to 115 kilometers, but the payload increases to 2,293 pounds (compared to 1,984 pounds for the more distant version). An electric motor, by the way, one for both batteries. Its return makes 114 hp The Mercedes van will enter the European market in the second half of 2019. It is known that the car will “master” the function of fast charging: in half an hour the eSprinter battery will charge up to 80%.