Mercedes-Benz and IBM have developed a new type of battery for cars

Mercedes-Benz and IBM have developed a new type of battery for cars

December 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is reported that the development of a fundamentally different type of rechargeable batteries, which will be used in plug-in hybrid and all-electric cars, was attended by engineers from IBM and Mercedes-Benz.

The innovation lab IBM Research-Almaden, which was created on December 18 last year, announced that their engineers were able to develop a new technology for creating rechargeable batteries. It was separately noted that when creating batteries in a new way, much less money will be spent than when creating modern lithium-ion batteries. Also can this new technology be more energy intensive.

One of the main features of the new technology is that the process of creating batteries is no longer dependent on heavy metals such as nickel or cobalt.

The company still does not disclose all the details of its discovery. It is only known that the materials that are used in the new production process “can be extracted from sea water.” Another important feature of the new battery is the “safe high melting point liquid electrolyte,” which prevents the formation of lithium dendrites during charging.

 However, IBM representatives do not hide the fact that the employees of the German laboratory Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America is one of the leading partners in this discovery. Will this give the German company an advantage in using this technology before anyone else?

 This would be convenient, given how the German concern Daimler, which includes the Mercedes-Benz brand, is currently trying to actively communicate with owners of electric vehicles in order to find out their opinion on existing batteries. The automaker, which has always claimed to be innovative, is desperate for innovations to showcase to its potential customers, including those who are not convinced that they will only buy because “it’s Mercedes.”

 IBM can help the German automaker by letting them use these new batteries in their models when the technology is ready for production. IBM only mentions that it relies on “three new and different proprietary materials that have never been used before in the development of automotive batteries.”