Mercedes-Benz admits that it was wrong to introduce some models

Mercedes-Benz admits that it was wrong to introduce some models

October 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In a recent interview, the CEO of the German concern Daimler, which includes the premium brand Mercedes-Benz, believes that the latter has more compact cars than it needs.

Compact A-class hatchback, long wheelbase sedan / sedan (China only), B-class minivan, CLA sedan, CLA Shooting Brake station wagon, GLA and GLB crossovers are all compact Mercedes cars that have been introduced relatively recently. … Subcompact cars accounted for a quarter of the company’s sales in 2019, with the A-Class becoming the most popular model.

However, Mercedes wants to point out that it does not plan to “become a competitor to those companies that sell cars in huge numbers.”

This was announced by Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius earlier this week after the German automaker’s ambitious new strategy was unveiled online. He further admitted that they “went too far when they were going to introduce a car for every segment of the automotive market.”

This does not mean that some of these models will be completely removed from the automaker’s price lists for the foreseeable future, especially since cars like the GLB are relatively recent. Instead, Ola Kallenius intends to focus on producing high-quality versions of these vehicles in order to increase profitability. The decision is likely related to an announcement made this week to end sales of the brand’s manual transmission vehicles, as automatic vehicles tend to be more expensive.

Mercedes-Benz’s roadmap, which appeared several years ago, showed that at some point the automaker was planning to create another compact car – the GLA Coupe crossover. That said, it looks like the coupe crossover won’t see the light of day to compete with the BMW X2.