Mercedes B-Class with new diesel and transmission

Mercedes B-Class with new diesel and transmission

October 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

As stated in Mercedes, one of the main tasks of designers in developing the new B-Class was to “visually withdraw” the model from the MPV segment. Apparently, the stylists managed with their work: Mercedes B-Class no longer looks like a boring family car, now it looks more like an enlarged copy of the related A-class hatch. By the way, the wheelbase is the same as that of a relative, it is equal to 2729 mm (+30 mm compared to the previous compact van).

The interior is also decorated in the style of A-Class. In all versions of the new compact van, there is a virtual dashboard combined with a touchscreen multimedia system: in the basic configurations there are two screens with a diagonal of seven inches each, on average the multimedia display has a display of 10.25 ”, the top B-class already has two large “Tablet”.

The company said that the width of the cabin at the level of the elbows was 33 mm larger. The back of the rear seats is divided in the proportion of 40:20:40, from next year a sofa with longitudinal adjustment in the 140 mm range will be available for ordering. With such a sofa, the trunk volume “under the curtain” is 455-705 liters (the former B-Class has a fixed 488 liters). And with the second row of seats folded, the cargo compartment of the new compact van is 1,540 liters (the predecessor has 1,547 liters).

Like the A-Class model, the new B-Class is built on an MFA cross-engine platform. For kompaktvena there are two options for the rear suspension – a twisting beam and multi-link, the latter is available only for the most powerful versions. However, if you order a sports or adaptive suspension, an independent rear structure will appear in any modification.

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The B-Class became the first Mercedes with the “transverse” version of the OM654 two-liter turbo diesel engine (the engine is known, for example, in the C-class). The engine with an aluminum block and steel pistons meets the Euro 6d eco-feeds (to be introduced in January 2020). The compact van with this engine is available in two versions – B 200 d (150 hp) and B 220 d (190 hp). This diesel is combined with a new eight-stage robotic box with two clutches (8G-DCT). The most powerful option consumes only 4.5 l / 100 km.

Also, the compact van will be offered with A-Class engines: M282 1.3 gasoline turbo four (136 or 163 hp) and OM608 1.5 turbo diesel (116 hp), they work in tandem with the seven-speed 7G-DCT box from Getrag. At the first stage, the B-Class will only be available with front-wheel drive, a 4Matic transmission with a clutch in the rear-wheel drive will appear later.

In the list of equipment new items appear: multi-contour chairs with a massage, Energizing system from the S-class, semi-automatic control system (maintains a distance from the front-facing car, taxis and changes the lane itself when the turn signal is turned on).

Prices for the new B-Class will be announced at the end of this year, the model will be released on the European market in February 2019. After the generation change, the Mercedes compact car has more chances to overtake its main rival – the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. The current model of the B-class is significantly inferior to the “Bavarian”: in 2017 in the Old World sold 64,683 Mercedes compact, while the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer gained 85,255 owners over the same period. By the way, BMW 2 Series is a seven-seater option, and the B-Class has not yet acquired such a version.