Mercedes and Bosch test autonomous parking system

Mercedes and Bosch test autonomous parking system

October 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Mercedes-Benz is going to test the automatic car parking (AVP) system developed in collaboration with Bosch at Stuttgart’s main airport.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class models equipped with Intelligent Park Pilot (IPP) will be tested in the airport’s P6 garage. The aim is to test how the functions of the S-Class parking system interact with intelligent infrastructure from Bosch and APCOA FLOW, the digital platform used by garage operator Apcoa.

Mercedes-Benz IPP for the S-Class works in conjunction with AVP technology, making this model the first production car of its type and enabling it to park without a driver. The trial version of the system includes a spacious drop-off and drop-off area that will allow users to park their cars on their way to the airport terminal. S-Class models will automatically park in an underground car park, guided by information from infrastructure technologies.

“The car park service really increases the comfort and convenience of our passengers and saves them time, especially when they are in a hurry and just want to quickly leave their car at the airport,” – said Walter Schofer, airport official in Stuttgart.

The garage is equipped with Bosch video cameras and sensors that detect free parking spaces and detect objects and people. A dedicated control center in the garage then calculates the route the cars should take to reach the accessible location, and the S-Class’s automotive technology translates the information into maneuvers.