Mercedes-AMG showed what the next-generation GT coupe will look like

Mercedes-AMG showed what the next-generation GT coupe will look like

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In a pair of photographs, the German automaker shows the famous Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, who examines the clay figure of a coupe-shaped car. The design of the front of the Mercedes-AMG AMG One hypercar will look good on the next-generation GT model.

The Mercedes-AMG sports division has not yet unveiled the most powerful version of its current generation AMG GT sports coupe – the new version will receive the Black Series designation and will be shown in 2020. Despite this, the press service of the company published a couple of photos in which they give us a first look at a completely new generation of the model. According to the directors, the famous Lewis Hamilton visits the brand design center in Sindelfingen, Germany.

In the pictures we see the six-time Formula 1 champion, who is considering a clay model of a certain two-door sports coupe with a front design that is very similar to the front of the AMG One hypercar.

 It is too early to say whether this clay model is a copy of a completely new generation of the AMG GT sports coupe.

The novelty should not be presented until 2021, and we have not yet seen a single shot of the prototype of the updated coupe. At the same time, someone asked the company on YouTube whether the clay model is represented by the next GT, which Mercedes did not directly deny: “We need to see what the future holds for us,” and in the end there was a winking emoticon. So most likely yes, this clay “car” shows us exactly what the brand new Mercedes-AMG GT will look like.