Mercedes-AMG opened its own racing track in South Korea

Mercedes-AMG opened its own racing track in South Korea

May 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In South Korea, there was a racing circuit, named after the Mercedes-AMG. The first to leave the track were Supercars Project One and GT.

Autodrome AMG Speedway – is, in fact, the track Everland Speedway, built in 1995 near Seoul. In 2011, the configuration of the track was changed, and the territory of the motor racing track was significantly expanded. The agreement on the renaming of the track by the German manufacturer reached with its owner last year.

The length of the track is 4.3 kilometers, and the number of turns reaches seventeen. By the opening, the paddock and pit lane were updated, banners with AMG logos and a new recreation area appeared. It is also planned to open a school of driving excellence on the basis of AMG Speedway.

For the AMG, the South Korean market is one of the priority. As previously stated in the company, due to its own race track it is planned to increase loyalty to the brand and further increase sales.

The latest development of Mercedes-AMG is the hypermarket Project One. It is equipped with a 1000-strong hybrid power plant based on the turbo engine 1.6, five electric motors and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Such a car can travel on electric traction up to 25 kilometers and gain 200 kilometers per hour in just six seconds. Hypercar costs almost 2.3 million euros.