Mercedes-AMG One will begin to deliver only in 2021

Mercedes-AMG One will begin to deliver only in 2021

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Motorists will have to wait a couple more years for the car to exit.

Automobile concern representatives report that the release of the hypercar has been postponed due to technical reasons. In order for the F1 power unit to take root on the “road” car, it takes some time. AMG engineers themselves were surprised at this turn of events.

The release of the new product was postponed due to the fact that specialists “underestimated the task” of re-equipping the V6 motor in production mode. In addition, the emission standards have noticeably tightened since the vehicle was released, which also has an impact. Because of this, some automakers slowed down or even refused to produce powerful cars.

In general, the manufacturer plans to release 275 units of Mercedes-AMG One. Auto power will be at least a thousand horsepower. The price of the car will reach the figure of 2.7 million dollars.