Mercedes-AMG offers roof rack with ribs and diffusers

Mercedes-AMG offers roof rack with ribs and diffusers

September 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The sports division of Mercedes-AMG has developed a special box that will be located on the roof of the car and attached to it using a simple quick-release clamping system. This additional rack can carry up to 70 kg of cargo. Prices for the new product are still unknown.

Mercedes-AMG engineers have developed an additional luggage compartment, which will be located on the roof of the sports brand models. Other similar roof boxes that are on the market have various aerodynamic elements such as diffusers, but none of them have the AMG badges and stylish looks. In addition, this box is specially designed for all Mercedes vehicles.

In fact, Mercedes-AMG offers two different versions of its roof box, one of which is only for coupe models like the Mercedes-AMG C63.

The brand’s engineers have created a special roof box design with a diffuser that is better optimized for the curved roofline of the coupĂ©. This ensures better airflow around the box with reduced wind noise when carrying up to 70 kg of cargo. The automaker advises you to comply with specific roof weight restrictions for different vehicles.

The roof box from Mercedes-AMG creates an additional 410 liters of storage space. This can certainly come in handy for small Mercedes models, but it also doesn’t look out of place for large AMG station wagons or SUVs. It mounts with an easy-to-use quick release clamping system, but there is a significant problem when it comes to affecting vehicle performance. Despite its aerodynamic shape, Mercedes says that with this optional roof rack, you can only drive at speeds up to 130.33 km / h. On some Mercedes-AMG models, you can exceed this threshold in just five seconds.

Mercedes-AMG is not currently offering pricing for its new roof box, but reports that the new product will be available directly from Mercedes dealers and through Mercedes partners starting in November.

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