Mercedes-AMG is preparing a new unique roadster GT-R

Mercedes-AMG is preparing a new unique roadster GT-R

August 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

On the famous track in the Nurburgring, an active test of a new version of the roadster from the company Mercedes-AMG began. The German concern is preparing a new model with an open top GT R Roadster, built on the basis of the sports coupe GT already known to us.

The fact is that the coupe is now offered in four versions, including the top version of the GT R, but the open-top version is so far devoid of the most “charged” configuration, but this may soon change. Now engineers are conducting road tests of the pre-series version of the sporty two-seater cabriolet, which for sure will be called nothing but a Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster.

Most likely, the novelty is prepared in opposition to the fast presentation of the roadster BMW Z4, and the sports coupe Toyota Supra.

Information on the future novelty is still very little, but given that the open-top model completely repeats the configuration of the coupe, then the most “charged” version should not bring surprises. Under the hood, you can expect 585 hp and 700 Nm of torque.

Also, the model will feature a large number of carbon fiber fiber parts, a titanium exhaust system, a revised suspension with adjustable shock absorbers, and a soft tilting roof.

In addition, it is expected rapid restyling of the entire line of Mercedes-AMG GT, after which the model can add up to 15-30 horsepower in all trim levels. Therefore, a new version with an open top can overstep the mark of 600 horsepower.

Unfortunately, now the company does not give the time of appearance of the novelty, as well as its cost. Apparently, the presentation can be expected at the Frankfurt or Paris Motor Show, in September or October of this year, respectively.