Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series will receive the new Twin-Turbo V8

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series will receive the new Twin-Turbo V8

September 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Speaking at Which Car Magazine at the 2019 ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, AMG boss Tobias Moers shared details of Mercedes’s most impressive performance outside of the One hypercar with an F1 engine.

Speaking of engines, the Black Series will use a twin-cylinder 4.0-liter V8, but not the one you’ll find in a number of AMG products that are currently on sale. Yes, it will have the same block and cylinder heads as the M178 V8, but Moers says it’s a different engine and “not a typical AMG V8.” He also noted that he would not receive the EQ Boost label, which in Mercedes’ vocabulary means electrification. In other words, the Black Series will not be a hybrid, and therefore, this means that some major mechanical improvements are in tow, according to rumors, the power output.

AMG previously mentioned that the Black Series will be at the same level as the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, so we look somewhere around 700 horsepower. In a separate Motoring interview, Moers said: “We have never done something similar with an engine before – for AMG this is the first,” and that we should “expect something else.” Color intrigued us. One thing is certain, he will not have water injection technology such as the BMW used for the M4 GTS.

In addition to the updated engine, the Black Only series with automatic transmission will have a newly developed suspension and aero compared to the AMG GT R. In fact, Moers said that these two cars do not have “much in common”. Interestingly, some of the lessons learned from the development of the One hypercar will extend to the high-performance coupe, and it is believed that tire technology is one of them. The AMG boss hinted that we should expect insanely fast track times, so perhaps the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ record at Nurburgring 6: 44.97 is in danger.

While some people exaggerate that the end of the internal combustion engine is close, Moers said that after this series there will be at least one more series with ICE. Meanwhile, by mid-2020, the upcoming track-oriented monster should come out with a few “surprises,” according to the head of AMG.