Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 lost battle to the snow

Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 lost battle to the snow

January 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

On the web there was a video with driving six-wheel “Gelendvagen” on the snowy forest.

Extreme Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 is one of the best representatives of the G-Class family in terms of patency, which is demonstrated in one of the videos posted on the user’s page GrebB in the social network Instagram.

The off-road car conquers snow-covered forest roads and paves its own somewhere in the Italian Alps. But even the six-wheeled G 63 AMG 6×6, probably not all the obstacles were on the teeth – the car sat on the bottom in the snow. Of snow, however, with difficulty, a four-ton “machine” was able to release a tracked all-terrain vehicle.

Recall, Mercedes-AMG G 63 6×6 debuted in 2013. Under the hood of the six-wheeled SUV, a V8 bi-turbo with a capacity of 5.5 liters with a return of 544 hp is installed and 760 Nm of torque in combination with a seven-speed automatic transmission, portal bridges, five interlocks and tire inflation. The car manages to overcome meter-long fords and to call on the rise with a 100-percent bias.

The model was released until 2015, and the price of the six-wheeled G 63 AMG was up to 400,000 euros.

Panzer down! & this happened… not even the #SnowCat… #Cortina

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