Mercedes-AMG EQSL presented as a future Mercedes electric roadster

Mercedes-AMG EQSL presented as a future Mercedes electric roadster

December 4, 2018 1 By autotimesnews

Our site regularly finds and publishes car renders that can be called a “dream”. While some of them are solely the imagination of independent designers, others have every chance of being implemented in a series. And one such example is the Mercedes-AMG EQSL presented.

Jan Peisert showed a new project showing a render of a possible electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz. Quite a famous designer decided to present the appearance of the future roadster, created according to the trends of the modern market. Of course, he hurried a little, creating a Mercedes-AMG EQSL, but the model has all the chances for a serial implementation, and there are at least two reasons for this.

First of all, the brand is currently strengthening its new division of electric vehicles – EQ. So far, we have only met with the EQX crossover, but we know that two more models are approaching their debut. We mean the EQA compact and the flagship sedan EQS. And the “charged” unit must also present its own model.

The second reason could be the falling popularity of Mercedes-Benz SL. If in 2005 10,000 cars were sold, then in 2017 only 3,000 cars were realized. Despite the fact that the market for open-top cars has declined, but SL is already outdated and not in line with current trends.

In addition, Mercedes-AMG recently hinted that he was going to put his hands to the family of electric cars EQ.