Mercedes-AMG C 63 S from G-Power: upgrade power to 600 hp

Mercedes-AMG C 63 S from G-Power: upgrade power to 600 hp

July 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The German studio has prepared a tuning package for the “charged” modification of the model.

Recall, the hot Mercedes-AMG C 63 is equipped with the same engine as its older counterparts – E-Class and S-Class, but it has a more compact size, which allows it to demonstrate impressive performance.

Under the hood of the charged versions of the C-Class is a four-liter V8 bi-turbo M178, whose output in the stock version is 510 hp and 700 Nm of torque. In this configuration, the sedan can accelerate to the first 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds and gain the maximum speed, limited by electronics, at 250 km/h (with an optional package of 290 km/h).

Specialists of G-Power can increase engine power up to 600 hp and 800 Nm of torque, which is 90 hp. and 100 Nm above the standard output. Upgrade can be done in two ways – chip tuning with the installation of the proprietary module G-Power Performance Module V1, or “re-flashing” the engine-ECU. In both versions, the Vmax module is available to increase the “maximum”.

The tuned version of Mercedes-AMG C 63 S from G-Power has improved dynamics. The acceleration time from zero to the first 100 km/h is 3.8 seconds, and the maximum speed now exceeds 300 km/h.

In addition, the studio can install on the car a sports exhaust system made of stainless steel, giving a more aggressive timbre to the engine, as well as a number of other upgrades, with which the maximum power can be raised to 800 hp. Of course, in the list of offers there is a traditional for G-Power set of light forged 20-inch Hurricane RR wheels.

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