Mercedes admitted Ferrari advantage

Mercedes admitted Ferrari advantage

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the results of the qualification in Bahrain in Mercedes, they recognized that the rivals from Ferrari were too fast – the maximum that the current champions could hope for was the second starting position.

Lewis Hamilton (3rd): “I liked the qualification – it’s nice to see the progress that we have made in the course of the weekend. My congratulations to Charlie – he worked great and deserved his first pole!

Ferrari c first Friday workouts showed incredible speed. We did our best to reduce the backlog, but still noticeably inferior to our rivals on the straights. Today, the car was traveling well on the whole – in previous years, the track in Bahrain did not suit us for completely different reasons, but we were quite competitive in qualifying. I hope it will be so on Sunday.

The race is going to be exhausting, the tires will have to be really uneasy, but in 2018 we were fast enough here – I want to believe, we will manage to work great again. I like such a tight struggle – and this should be Formula 1! “

Valtteri Bottas (4th): “Fourth place is not the most pleasant result, but not a catastrophe. I am only a few hundredths conceded to Lewis, Ferrari still turned out to be much faster, so there was virtually no real opportunity to compete for the pole. The rivals from the very beginning of the weekend showed great speed, but this is not surprising: they clearly managed to find a solution to the problems they faced in Melbourne. We were able to add in the course of the weekend, but Ferrari kept the advantage.

Again, race is crucial. In the long run, we are fast enough and not worse than our rivals work with tires, so the battle promises to be interesting. I think we will be able to compete for the highest positions. ”

Toto Wolff, the head of the team “the Third and fourth places are somewhat upset, but after the free races such results are not surprising: for the fight for the pole we just did not have enough speed. Ferrari cars were fast from the very beginning of the weekend, we understood that to overcome them would not be easy – and it happened. Our car is clearly inferior to the SF90 in speed on the straight, to understand the reasons.

We will start the race from the second row, but we will certainly be able to impose a tight fight. On Friday, in the long run, Lewis and Valtteri were fast enough, in addition, much will depend on the correct work with the tires. “

Andrew Shovlin, chief race engineer: “Saturday training was very difficult: the change in wind direction affected the balance, it took the riders some time to adapt. The cooler conditions in qualifying helped a little, but the wind remained strong – it wasn’t easy for Lewis and Valtteri to complete the lap perfectly. In general, the conditions were not comfortable enough in any of the sessions, the separation was minimal, and in the first part of the qualification, looking at the rapid improvement of the condition of the track, we were close to sending Valtteri to the second attempt.

In the second session, the level of adhesion noticeably increased, but even if the result shown in the first attempt was enough for us to reach the final, we still sent Valtteri on another attempt, so that he wouldn’t have to re-travel just at the last minutes. It is a pity that in the finals we could not compete for the pole, although we were one of the few teams that had unused sets of tires, but our drivers in any case, nicely tried. Lewis was close to taking away from Sebastian Vettel a place in the first row, but that second position is the maximum that we could count on.

In the race, the result will largely depend on tire wear, and not on pure speed, moreover on Friday we are completely satisfied with the way the W10 works with rubber. The battle is going to be tough, but we have the opportunity to choose from several strategy options and, I want to believe, we will be able to finish in higher positions than those that we got on the basis of the qualifications. ”