Mercedes abandons production of Mercedes X-Class pickup

Mercedes abandons production of Mercedes X-Class pickup

July 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

And this despite the fact that the model lasted only two years. By reducing its model line and, consequently, its costs, Daimler is going to raise its profits.

The long-awaited pick-up Mercedes-Benz X-Class has added the German brand model range in 2017. From the moment the new product entered the market, its sales did not reach the figures that the automaker itself had predicted. Thus, in 2018, buyers from Europe, Australia and South Africa acquired a total of 16,700 such pickups. Experts attribute such modest indicators to a high price tag (which obviously loses to the prices of the main competitors), as well as a number of recall campaigns that started almost immediately after the official sales start.

Now, the publication Automotive News writes that the production of the Mercedes X-Class pickup will be discontinued. According to media reports, the parent concern Daimler, which includes Mercedes-Benz, insists on this decision. The main reason is a serious reduction in profits.

 In the meantime, this premium pick-up comes off the assembly line of the Nissan company in Barcelona. Such a “registration” is explained by the fact that a pickup truck from Mercedes-Benz has shared the platform with the Japanese pickup truck Nissan Navara.

In the meantime, “fresh” renders of the BMW X7 pickup appeared on the Web. Unfortunately, according to experts, there is practically no chance of entering the series with such a car. And the brand management itself considers the production of a pickup to be economically inexpedient.