Meet this 951-strong supercar Puritalia Berlinetta

Meet this 951-strong supercar Puritalia Berlinetta

March 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tomorrow the Italian hybrid supercar Puritalia Berlinetta will be officially presented, or rather its final version. The presentation will be held at the Geneva Motor Show.

In addition to several improvements outside and adding a fixed roof, the new version of the Berlinetta looks very similar to the 427 Roadster, which was introduced by an Italian company more than four years ago.

Under the hood of the novelty is a hybrid power plant, which combines a V8 engine mounted in the front and an electric motor in the back.

According to insiders, the total power is 965 hp and the maximum torque is 1248 Nm. Exact vehicle specifications will be announced at its presentation.

It took four years for Puritalia engineers to create a Berlinetta supercar that uses carbon fiber and aluminum chassis, as well as carbon fiber body panels. It is reported that all the details were carefully measured and positioned to obtain an ideal weight distribution of 50/50. In addition, the Italian is equipped with cloud-based artificial intelligence, which “learns” the owner’s driving style to optimize energy management.

Production of Puritalia Berlinetta will be limited to only 150 units, while customers will be able to order the car of their dreams, fully setting it up for themselves. It is reported that everyone will be given access to a personal design team.