Medieval One – or one of the wildest hot rods built from scratch

Medieval One – or one of the wildest hot rods built from scratch

August 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Enthusiasts from Bohata Design Inc. built a wild hot rod worth about $ 200,000. The project was completely built from scratch.

One of the customers of the tuning studio Bohata Design Inc. I wanted to get in every sense a crazy hot rod, which will be stylized as a knight. The entire project, which was created entirely from scratch, took about 200 thousand dollars. It is worth noting that for this money you could buy a very good new car. This hot rod is made in the style of knights, castles and weapons – at least it makes that impression. Medieval One can truly be called one of the craziest cars on the planet.

In a short video, a company representative talks about Medieval One.

The chassis for the hot rod was laser cut from a monolithic sheet of iron and TIG welded with a lowering axle with radius rods and a sheet of iron on the front. At the back is the air suspension. The centerpiece of this unusual hot rod is the “knight helmet”, which also serves as the driver’s cabin. It is hydraulically powered and comes with all the dashboards and switches that allow you to drive this insane vehicle. Yes, nitrous oxide is also available to the driver in case he needs to significantly accelerate the pace of his vehicle.

The Medieval One is powered by a Chevy 335ci small-block engine with a Weiand 6-71 supercharger and electronic fuel injection, which develops almost 1000 horsepower. And, yes, the exhaust flames come out of two metal snakes that are welded to the manifolds. Medieval One has been designed to keep the power steering, air conditioning and generator low in relation to the chassis, which puts the engine and its air filter at the forefront. In general, the project required tons of man-hours and cost its creators about 200 thousand dollars.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that an off-road hot rod was made from an old Diamond T truck. Thanks to enthusiasts from the USA, who found an old Diamond T truck in a junkyard, the latter found a second life as a crazy hot rod for conquering off-road.