McLaren will release a “budget” hybrid sports car

McLaren will release a “budget” hybrid sports car

April 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The web has published information that McLaren is going to release a “budget” hybrid sports car.

For a company, the hybrid model is not new. However, engineers equipped only very expensive hypercars with a benzoelectric installation. Recently, Woking introduced the McLaren P1, which has a 916-horsepower hybrid system, with a top speed of 350 km / h and a price tag that turned out to be higher than a million euros.

At the moment, instead of it, customers are offered McLaren Speedtail, whose value is 1.98 million euros. The latter is equipped with a 1070-horsepower hybrid system and has a top speed of 403 km / h. But the next hybrid will be located at the other extreme of the lineup.

The novelty will fall into the line of fairly affordable models of the Sport Series brand. It is known that a two-seater sports car will have a combination of a V6 biturbo engine and an electric motor. This suggests that the car will be the base model in the Sport Series lineup and in the McLaren 540C family, where the equipment will receive an 8-cylinder 3.8 unit with two turbochargers. As for the power of the units, nothing is known about this yet, but it will most likely not exceed 540 hp.