McLaren will phase out all gasoline engines by 2030

McLaren will phase out all gasoline engines by 2030

August 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This decision is due to the company’s new strategy, which involves the transition to power plants with an electrical component.

The British company Mclaren, which specializes in the production of supercars, will abandon the use of classic gasoline engines. Mclaren CEO Mike Flyitt announced the company’s new strategy, according to which the company intends to convert all its cars to electric power within 10 years.

The main goal will be the creation of high-tech hybrid motors – this process the company plans to devote this decade. After that, such engines will be produced for 15 years. At the same time, Mclaren expects high localization of production – more than 60% of all components for such motors will be produced in Great Britain.

At the moment, there are already two supercars with a hybrid engine in the Mclaren lineup – we are talking about the P1 and Speedtail models.

The first all-electric Mclaren will not hit the assembly line until 2025.
This year is turning out to be very difficult for Mclaren – because of the coronavirus epidemic, the leadership has gone on to lay off more than 25% of its staff.

Meanwhile, McLaren has announced a new car with a hybrid powertrain. The new supercar will be very important for the British company, as its innovative platform will be used for the following cars.