McLaren will lay off more than a quarter of the staff

McLaren will lay off more than a quarter of the staff

May 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British blame the financial problems of the coronavirus pandemic

A new type of coronavirus pandemic hit the auto industry and caused a wave of cuts: for example, McLaren is about to lay off more than 1,200 workers.

Among the most affected by the spread of coronavirus and related restrictions was the British supercar manufacturer McLaren. Earlier, we reported that, due to enormous losses, the British are going to lay down the McLaren Technology Center headquarters building in Woking and a collection of historic racing cars in the bank to get a loan of $ 363 million. However, according to the BBC, the brand’s financial problems were even worse than analysts initially thought, so McLaren will lay off more than a quarter of its staff.

As a result, out of 4,000 McLaren employees, at least 1,200 will be left without work. Basically, the reduction will affect headquarters, and out of 800 people employed in the “formula” division, about 70 will be fired. However, in 2021, the reduction will continue as part of the program to reduce motor sport costs. McLaren CEO Paul Walsh said layoffs were inevitable and said the company simply had no other choice. Two McLaren models are still preparing for debut this year, but subsequent innovations have been postponed indefinitely.