McLaren will introduce special glasses for drivers

McLaren will introduce special glasses for drivers

February 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

McLaren decided to take another step forward and surprise the world with another collaboration.

This time, the automaker decided to collaborate with the manufacturer of glasses L’Amy and create something special. The collection will include both sunglasses and glasses according to indications.

The design of each will be in its own unique, the development involved employees of both teams McLaren Automotive and McLaren Racing. Also, company specialists reported that customers can choose their favorite version of the lenses.

The frames are made of titanium with 3D printing, and the swivel hinges provide comfort. 3D face scan allows the frame to fit the exact size of the user’s face.

Meanwhile, the lenses are fixed inside the rim only at two points, offering a “floating” structure, which ensures that the glasses are not only light, but also durable. In addition, customers can order glasses with optional Leica sun lenses.

We can say that this is only the first brainchild created by two major manufacturers. The company L’Amy has been producing glasses since 1810. Their main market is France. Today, the company cooperates with several global brands, including McLaren.

Will present McLaren glasses at the MIDO show in Milan.