McLaren team may return to Mercedes engines

McLaren team may return to Mercedes engines

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the paddock of Formula 1, rumors are circulating about the imminent resumption of relations between McLaren and Mercedes. In fact, this is a continuation of the old story about which we wrote back in early July, but now it comes in a slightly different light.

It’s no secret that McLaren switched to Renault power plants partly forcedly, after an extremely painful break with Honda. Even then, the team understood that this was not the best option, because the Ferrari and Mercedes engines significantly exceed the French products. But there was no opportunity to acquire them, so the Woking team did not have any other options.

Then, at McLaren, they were busy restructuring the team and solving problems with the machine, so that they were not up to the change of partners. But now the results have improved and the new team leader Andreas Seidl is looking for a more competitive motor. Since there can be no talk of resuming cooperation with Honda, and Ferrari supplies its motors only to its closest partners, the contract with Mercedes becomes the only option for reinforcing the team.

This will be possible if another rumor has been justified that has been walking on the paddock since the beginning of summer. The fact is that, according to modern regulations, a minder can not supply engines to more than three teams without special permission from the FIA. It was not difficult to obtain such permission when only three power plant suppliers remained in the championship, but now, when there are four of them, it is much more difficult to do this.

However, it is likely that one of the customers of Mercedes will abandon the current power plants. We are talking about the Williams team – in the current situation, Mercedes engines still can not provide them any advantage, and the transition to cheaper Renault engines for them completely makes sense. It is this place in the pool of Mercedes customers that McLaren can take – in fact, McLaren and Williams will exchange power plants.

As already mentioned, this option has been discussed since the beginning of summer, but now, judging by the activity of rumors, the parties are close to official confirmation of the exchange. Moreover, they do not have much time left – the teams have already started developing machines for 2020, and they need to know the parameters of future motors as soon as possible.